Our Mission


Introducing Future TV
Since it is the age of technological advancement, FUTURE media house, will be a digital workhouse where Pakistani and world news is available on your computer, laptop and cell phone webs, so that you can keep yourself informed without waste of even a second of your valuable time. DIGITAL age being the need of the hour, will be at your doorstep, in your pocket a tremendous job will be well done. Simultaneously however, cable TV and a daily newspaper will fill the much needed vacuum with news, views, and analysis, tweets of interesting segments of society to serve the equally important segments of entertainment, fashion, industry and commerce, stock exchanges of Pakistan and important commercial houses like New York, London, Singapore, Muslim world, and from whichever part of the world it matters.

Our Vision

Future TV want to give people the power of information and knowledge. We want to relate with people of every demographic and cultural value so Future TV can be their voice to be heard. Future TV want to be work as a bridge to connect people around the world diffusing tensions between nations and ethnic groups. Future TV will not only Highlight the problem but our mission is to give a workable solution with the problem by connecting the people who want to make a world better place, empowering them making their voice to be heard across the world.

Future TV will portray the positive image of Pakistan across the globe since it’s going to be a digital television, where satellite TV or print media can’t reach we will cover that issues too. The world has shrunk into a global village, and soon perhaps each of its aspects will be in your pocket, each and every aspect converging into a cell phone, which is latest and smallest version of a computer.

Future TV will provide constant training to its camerapersons, reporters, anchors, and other media professionals so that they do provide quality work.